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                  In New Jersey , everyone convicted for DWI or refusing to take the alcohol test will be ordered to put an interlock device on his car.                Even a first offender who has a BAC of .15 or more has to install the device on the car he “primarily drives.” In addition to installing on the
“ No one buys a cell phone to share detailed information about their whereabouts with the police.” State v. Thomas Earls (A-53-11) On July 18, 2013 the New Jersey Supreme Court decided that the police need a search warrant before they can use cell phone records to track a user’s whereabouts.“[ W}e find that cell-phone users have a reasonable expectation of privacy in their cell-phone location information, and that police must
Exigent Circumstances It Doesn’t Takes 8 Hours for the Police to Get a Warrant My client was sitting on the hood of his car in a mall parking lot, hemmed in by three squad cars and several policemen when my he called me. The police were trying to convince him to execute a written consent to search his car. Because the police were right there he couldn’t say much other than

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