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Monmouth NJ Criminal Defense Attorney, Traffic Tickets Lawyer, DWI Lawyers, DUI Attorney

Once you have been charged , all that stands between you and the power of the police is a committed criminal defense attorney

To protect your rights, choose an experienced criminal defense attorney .

Confronted by the power of the police you need the aggressive help of David P. Donnelly an attorney who has practiced criminal law exclusively for over 30 years.

Consider the exposure brought to your life by a conviction for a crime or the loss of your driver’s license for a DWI or Driving Without Insurance.

To defend yourself or your loved ones retain an attorney whose experience and knowledge of the legal systems will take you through the uncertainties you face and help you avoid the confusion and fear of what will come next .

Mr. Donnelly has represented hundreds of clients and tried over 250 cases for indictable crimes including capital homicides and handled a wide range of traffic vioalations.

Make a decision to protect your future and contact our office as soon as possible.

Every client's case is unique and and Mr. Donnelly will provide a straightforward analaysis of your problem with no false promises.

Once you retain Mr. Donnelly, you will be given his personal cell phone number so he is always available to you through the entire process


Client Testimonial

I hired Mr. Donnelly in August 2011 for a DUI Case I was charged with in Monmouth county NJ. After speaking to a number of respectable lawyers throughout the area, I found Mr. Donnelly to be far more personable and understanding with my situation. He gave me an incredibly fair price unmatched by anyone I spoke to, and clearly walked me through the process of what I needed to do to get the best outcome . Not only did he stay with me in court throughout my entire hearing but he kept in contact with me prior to my court case, and most importantly, after my hearing to answer any further questions I had about the procedures I needed to do to clear my name. I would highly recommend Mr. Donnelly to anyone charged with a similar case within the New Jersey jurisdiction.

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