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During the last twenty five years Mr. Donnelly has tried over 220 indicted cases including Capital Murder, homicides, threats to kill, aggravated assaults, sexual  assaults, distributions of cocaine, heroin and marijuana , assaults on police officers, robbery ,burglary, eluding police officers and threats against public officials.


  • The defendant was charged with murder. He was previously convicted in the case based upon two jailhouse confessions. His conviction was reversed. Mr. Donnelly represented him in the new trail and the defendant was acquitted of all charges. The trail judge made these remarks following the verdict of acquittal.

    “I don’t often say this but I think it has to be said. I was really proud to have sat as Judge in this case with you two guys. This trial proceeded in as a professional a manner as it could have.

    You are really to be commended for it. I wish all our trials could be done this way. I wish somebody could make a video tape of this trial and say this is how it is supposed to be done with two top notch lawyers doing a top notch job on a very tough case, doing it in a very professional, mature, lawyerlike manner. Thank you fellows.” (from the official transcript)
  • After refusing a plea offer of 5 years in prison, defendant was acquitted of all charges in a 2nd degree Aggravated Assault case despite a witness for the prosecution testifying she was 3 feet away and saw the defendant kick the victim in his face, breaking his tooth.
  • Defendant acquitted of burglary even though a policeman saw him enter the building and arrested him inside with the open broken cash register at his feet.
  • Defendant acquitted of 2nd deg eluding after a State trooper chased him through Asbury Park videotaping the chase on the trooper’s in car camera.
  • Defendant was convicted of the robbery of an elderly man in his apartment and she was sentenced to 7 years in prison. Based on an objection by Mr. Donnelly to the trial Judge‘s comments to the jury about the photographic identification procedure, the conviction was reversed and the defendant released from prison.
  • Defendant acquitted of 2nd degree eluding even though the policeman testified the defendant ran two stop signs and endangered children being discharged from school.
  • In an altercation outside of his home the defendant knocked a victim unconscious, struck the first victim’s wife, lacerating her eye, and broke the arm of a third victim who came to their aid. We refused a plea offer of 4years and the jury acquitted the defendant of all charges.
  • The defendant was indicted for threatening to kill Governor Kean after she wrote a letter predicting his assassination. After a bench trial, the defendant was acquitted of all charges.

In addition, Mr. Donnelly has reviewed over 1600 cases for early resolution by the Pre -indictment Court (PIP court) in Freehold Monmouth County. PIP court is designed to dispose of a defendant’s case with the best plea bargain and the least court appearances. Often the defendant’s case is disposed of without the defendant having a criminal conviction.

Mr. Donnelly is a graduate of Seton Hall University Law School. Following graduation he clerked for a Superior Court Judge in Essex County

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