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The seriousness and ultimate punishment for drug crimes can be devastating to your home and personal life, and whether you need a marijuana lawyer to help you fight a misdemeanor possession charge or a top-level drug crimes attorney to represent you on a more serious charge of drug trafficking, David P. Donnelly, LLP can help.

The most common drug crimes include marijuana possession; minor possession of drugs & penalties; possession with intent to sell drugs including ecstasy, heroin, pot, paraphernalia and cocaine; and fraudulent obtainment of or unauthorized use of prescription drugs.

Drug distribution is the sale, delivery and or manufacture of what are called “Controlled Dangerous Substances” (CDS) and, charges of possession go into charges of drug trafficking if there are certain drugs over a specified quantity found in combination with evidence of sales activity, such as having large amounts of money, drugs and /or sales paraphernalia.

For Marijuana Violations, Drug Trafficking, Ecstasy, Heroin, Pot, Paraphernalia and Cocaine Possession Defense

Under New Jersey law the penalties for drug crimes can be very severe. The seriousness and ultimate punishment for drug crimes normally depends upon the quantity of the drug, the classification under the drug schedule, and the purpose of the possession (for personal use or for sale). In addition, any violation of the drug laws, even if it is a disorderly persons offense, can result in the loss of your driver's license for up to two years. Even minor drug charges can have serious, life-long consequences.

David P. Donnelly, LLP knows that many innocent people get swept up in drug cases and that being charged with a drug offense is not the same as being guilty. When you engage his services he will investigate all aspects of your drug arrest to determine whether unconstitutional search and seizure procedures occurred and fight to have evidence tossed out of your case, where possible and where necessary.

Whether you are charged with possession of pot and need a marijuana lawyer, or facing charges of drug trafficking, David Donnelly's primary goal is to offer you the legal information necessary to allow you to make an informed decision about how best to proceed with your case, and, once your case is accepted, to offer the most aggressive representation designed to produce the best possible outcome.

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