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If your child or young family member has been accused of a crime or involved in child related crimes, you can help protect them by hiring the services of an experienced juvenile crimes attorney, reducing their risk of facing the stiffest penalties and fines possible and affording them the vital legal support only a qualified juvenile crimes lawyer can provide.

Most juvenile crime cases in New Jersey are handled in the Family Division, not the Criminal Division of the Superior Court. This includes arrests for misdemeanor or felony charges that may involve assault &aamp; battery charges, date rape, drug crimes and shoplifting.

The juvenile justice system in New Jersey is designed to rehabilitate the accused, as opposed to the adult system, which is designed to punish. In most juvenile cases, juveniles are detained, not arrested. According to law they are taken into custody for their own protection. There is no trial by jury, only a trial by a judge.

Most juvenile cases are resolved with a plea bargain which involves some form of rehabilitation for the juvenile with a wide variety of programs and resolutions available to the sentencing judge.

For Arrests, Date Rape, Misdemeanors, Felonies, Drug Crimes, Assault & Battery and Shoplifting

More serious cases such as homicide or robbery can be waived up to the adult court where the juvenile would then be subject to an adult criminal sentence. David Donnelly has represented juveniles in waiver cases involving homicide and robbery and is prepared to help provide the same protection for you or a loved one.

An experienced juvenile crimes attorney knows exactly just how serious juvenile cases can be and no child accused of having committed a crime or being involved in any type of child-related crime should be without the services of an experienced juvenile crimes lawyer.

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