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Traffic tickets, especially moving violations or those that may involve reckless driving, are serious matters, and, if you do not have traffic ticket attorney you owe it to yourself to challenge your case in court with the assistance of an experienced lawyer, even a speeding ticket lawyer, who may be able to help you avoid the fines, penalties, insurance hikes and other potential consequences that could impact your driving privileges.

Living in an area where the main mode of transportation is your automobile, the loss of your license as a result of a speeding violation, driving on suspended licenses, other moving violations or traffic offenses, can severely impact your driving privileges and, as a consequence, your employment and way of life.

Fines for speeding, DUI & DWI violations and other offences can also severely impact your driving record by way of points or penalties and result in costly insurance premiums and even a suspended license. By choosing to engage the legal services available through David Donnelly, LLP you choose the top defense to beat your speeding ticket and stand an excellent chance of eliminating these consequences by taking your case to court and letting us argue your case on your behalf.

Speeding Tickets, Moving Violations, Reckless Driving and General Ticket Help

Simply paying a traffic violation summons does not end the matter since the DMV attaches what are called "points" on your driving record for most traffic infractions. A few summons on your driving record can total up enough points to lose your driving privileges. That is why it is important to defend yourself against a traffic summons, even if it is only your first violation.

David Donnelly brings years of experience to your defense and will aggressively pursue all possible avenues of legal protection in the municipal courts, including fighting for your rights under charges of theft, drug and alcohol use, shoplifting, assault and even the execution of bad checks or trespassing.

While it might seem easier to just pay a ticket off and move on, though the legal protection provided by an experience traffic ticket attorney or expert speeding ticket lawyer like David P. Donnelly, you take an active role in lowering your risk of exposure to the long-term ramifications that often go hand-in-hand with most traffic violations, even minor ones.

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