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If you have been accused of a violent crime, domestic or otherwise, you owe it to yourself to obtain a domestic violence attorney or an experienced violent crimes lawyer to represent you in a court of law and protect your rights.

Violent crimes can result in significant prison sentences, which can ruin a person's life and often make if difficult to find meaningful employment. Regardless of the type of violent crimes you may be accused of committing, it is essential to do everything in your power to protect your rights from the outset by engaging the services of an experienced violent crimes attorney.

No matter how the police may try to threaten or persuade you, you should never provide a verbal or written statement to them about the crime you are being accused of without first speaking to an attorney. This statement, even if you are innocent, can be used against you and rarely serves to help defend you in a court of law.

Lawyer for Capital Murder, Robbery, Burglary, Sexual Assaults, Rape, Theft, Homicide and more

Throughout his more than 25 years of criminal defense service, David P. Donnelly, LLP has defended and tried cases for clients charged with the full range of violent crimes, including robbery, burglary, sexual assaults, rape, resisting arrest, eluding a police office, theft, stealing, public crime, battery and homicide, aggravated assaults arising from bar fights, and domestic violence.

From the outset, David Donnelly will make it his top priority to investigate every aspect of your case to obtain the best possible defense for you. You will receive nothing short of the highest degree of personal attention and the assurance that no details will be overlooked when it comes to exploring the full range of potential outcomes.

Not all criminal cases are equal and by utilizing the services of an experienced domestic violence attorney or violent crimes lawyer you can increase your ability to protect your rights and defend yourself to the fullest in court of law.

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