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Monmouth County New Jersey (NJ) White Collar Crime Attorney

If you have been accused of what is commonly referred to as a "white collar crime," your reputation and career are on the line, making it vital for you to engage the services of the best white collar crimes attorney you can obtain, with the goal of having your white collar crime lawyer explore every angle of your case in an effort to put forward your best defense in a court of law.

In New Jersey, anti-racketeering laws are tough and expressly designed to eradicate organized crime by establishing strong civil and criminal penalties for any person who receives income, whether directly or indirectly, through an organized pattern of racketeering activity with the intent to use the proceeds to acquire an interest in an enterprise which affects commerce.

All Types of Fraud, Money Laundering, Public & Government Corruption and Racketeering Crimes

W hite collar crime  is broad and  complicated. It can include accusations of fraud and or mishandling of funds in corporate settings involving mortgage, healthcare or insurance scams, securities & commodities fraud, money laundering and investment fraud, such as pyramid schemes and real estate scams.

David P. Donnelly's 25-plus years of experience as a criminal defense attorney includes cases involving public or government corruption and racketeering and money laundering offenses arising out of organized crime in bust-out bankruptcy fraud, gang distribution of controlled dangerous substances , gambling and loan sharking.

State  laws give the government a tremendous amount of power to go after those accused of racketeering. These types of cases are extremely complex because a large number of criminal and white collar offenses fall under racketeering activity including gambling, promoting prostitution, extortion, fraud in the sale of securities and all crimes involving the illegal distribution of controlled dangerous substances.

Usually prosecutors will combine racketeering charges with money laundering charges which gives them a broad and overreaching tool for them to use at their discretion, including gangs, drug traffickers, and even legitimate businesses. These tools also afford them the ability to greatly enhance the penalties for the underlying crime, which can be devastating and life-altering upon conviction.
If you have been accused of a crime that falls under the category of racketeering or white collar offense, you need the expert knowledge and experience of the best white collar crimes lawyer or white collar crime attorney to help you defend yourself in court.

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